Become a certified kettlebell trainer or instructor with one of the most respected kettlebell educators since 2009. Fame and money mean nothing, even though you will be able to claim your fame and make more money as a certified kettlebell instructor, it should not be the reason to choose us. The one and the only reason to choose Cavemantraining for your education is that you can rely on being taught the right progression and that you will learn a world of kettlebell knowledge rather than being stuck in a box.

We focus on every aspect of kettlebell training, not just strength and big muscles, more important than anything else in our education is safety, flexibility, and mobility as an injury-free life will depend on that. Longevity will depend on it. We believe that big muscles, mental toughness, endurance (cardio and muscular), power, flexibility, and mobility are all important things to focus on and learn. One should experience everything, be good at everything, and then keep doing everything or decide to focus on certain parts at different stages of life but never be boxed in.

Contrary to most certifying bodies, we focus on fundamentals, specific topics, and safety. We cover each topic deeply, we truly teach kettlebells and provide you with the knowledge to be confident to say you understand the topics you certify in and use those for yourself and/or to teach others.

And this is us saying this, so you should do your own research on this topic, but we’ve taken many online kettlebell courses out there and most were nothing more than paying some money, answer some questions, and getting a certificate. This is not what you get with us, do not expect to pay some money, just complete a few online exams, and get your certificate. This is not what this is about, a Cavemantraining certification is about passing on the finest knowledge a coach can pass on and you demonstrating you have soaked up that information and are able to put it into practice.