A course can have lessons, topics, and exams.

Before you can move on from a lesson or topic you need to mark it as complete. If a lesson has topics, then the mark as complete button won’t appear on the lesson page until all the topics and/or exams for that lesson have been marked as complete. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see.

The following screenshot is that of a lesson. You can enlarge the screenshot by clicking on it (opens in a new window, close when done). To the left, you can see the course name at the top. Under the name of the course, there are lessons. The currently active lesson is Squat. To the right, you can see the topics under that lesson. Under the Squat lesson, there are topics that all have been marked as complete (green icon), but the exam has not been completed yet, this is why the mark as complete button does not yet display at the bottom.

Lesson Screenshot


Some exams require you to obtain a certain score before you can pass on. If you fail the exam by not reaching the passing score you will get an opportunity to retake the exam a certain number of times. You will be able to see the incorrect answers by clicking the button “View Questions”. It is important that you take note of the incorrect answers and do your research before you retake the exam.

If you only have one attempt left, we highly recommend that you discuss the possible answers in our open forum on Facebook or Reddit, or contact your coach/assessor if you paid for certification (it includes support/coaching). If you have a Kettlebell University membership you might also have access to different support options.

Read every question two or three times before you answer.

You will have failed the course if you’ve exhausted all retakes for an exam. Your options after failing are to contact us and request the course to be marked as complete, this will allow you to access all the educational material but not to receive a certificate.