How To Use This Course

Course Access

You will be able to access your course(s) via a link that should have been sent to you via email. By clicking your profile icon (top right) and clicking the course link. You can also access the course by going back to the main page for that course and clicking the Continue button. If you purchased the course it will no longer have the text “Take this course” but “Continue”.


A course can have lessons, topics, and exams. Before you can move on from a lesson or topic you need to mark it as complete. Some exams require you to obtain a certain score before you can pass on. If you fail the exam by not reaching the passing score you will get an opportunity to retake the exam a certain number of times. You will be able to see the incorrect answers by clicking the button “View Questions”. It is important that you take note of the incorrect answers and do your research before you retake the exam. If you only have one attempt left, we highly recommend that you discuss the possible answers in our open forum on Facebook or Reddit, or contact your coach/assessor if you paid for certification (it includes support/coaching). If you have a Kettlebell University membership you might also have access to different support options.

This is an important part of the course, if you want to read more info about this topic, please visit this link.

Freeform versus Linear

Most of our courses will follow a linear format, which means you need to follow each lesson and topic as it is set out. A freeform course will allow you to go to any lesson or topic within the course and complete that. Whether you are in a freeform or linear course, it is extremely important that you click “Mark Complete” for each page you’re on. If you skip one, even if it’s the last lesson of the course, a certificate won’t be accessible until you complete all lessons and topics.

IMPORTANT, if a lesson has topics and you completed the last topic for that lesson, you will be returned to that lesson, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Mark Complete”, this will take you to the next lesson.



Any lessons with video content will require you to click the play button upon which the video will take a moment to load and play. If you close your browser halfway through the video and return to the same video, it will restart at the time you left it.

If you have Chromecast then you should be able to cast the video to your device. The cast icon will show up if you have a Chromecast and the device you are casting from is on the same network as your Chromecast.

You can make the video fullscreen by clicking the fullscreen icon in the top right corner of the video player. The video can be paused by clicking the pause icon in the bottom left corner.  The volume of the video can be adjusted in the bottom right corner. Skimming is possible by bringing the playhead to the moment in time you want the video to start.


Study Material

The study material for your course can be in the form of an ebook (PDF), a physical book (ordered from Amazon), video, and/or content within the course itself. You should download and store any ebooks on your computer so that you will have access to it when you need them as our storage system will remove any ebooks with your order after 7 days.

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