We provide three types of kettlebell certificates which you can read about here.

To make a purchase on our website:

1) Find the kettlebell course you want to enroll in

2) Click on “Take this course”

3) Add the course to your shopping cart

4) Continue enrolling in other courses or checkout

5) You can create an account during your checkout or log in to an existing one

6) Complete payment with PayPal or Credit Card

7) All course access details will be provided to you onscreen and via email

If you have any questions, email us on info@cavemantraining.com

Our online kettlebell courses are open for enrollment any date.

Micro courses are explained here. But in short, they are short courses covering a small part of a very large topic.

If you’re not sure what kettlebell course to enroll in, please visit this link for more information.

Enrollment is easy, simply select the course you want to enroll in and follow the purchasing process.

Yes, you will retain access to any content you downloaded to your computer. On the professional plan you will retain access to all the online content.

You will need an active internet connection to access the online courses.

All our online courses are geared toward people training at-home, in the gym, and those that are trainers or want to become kettlebell instructors.

Accordion Content

To submit your videos for our online kettlebell certifications please read this article.

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