A micro course covers an important topic of kettlebell training in a short and concise manner. We break each and every kettlebell exercise down and then deliver a micro course on each of those parts. A micro course will have some text, a video, possibly cues, programming info, and other concepts relating to the topic at hand.

For example, the kettlebell swing is a very huge topic and one can write a whole book about it. A micro course on our website will pick a small part of that topic and focus on some important aspects. The idea behind a micro course is to transfer little bits of important information at a time so you can focus on and absorb it easier. Some micro courses focus on a kettlebell exercise, a kettlebell combo, or an important part of a kettlebell exercise.

Due to the shorter course material, the cost of a micro course is low, and even lower with our memberships.

Some examples of micro courses:

  • Overhead Drop
  • Pendulum Half Snatch
  • Speed Switch
  • Swing Variations
  • Snatch With Arm Rotation

A micro course is easy to digest and has more potential to stick and bring across super detailed nuances.