Introduction Courses

If you are a beginner, we recommend you enroll in our introduction courses Master Kettlebell Grips, Master Kettlebell Racking, and then progress with more detailed courses or micro courses. You can purchase each one individually or there is the option to sign up for a membership which provides you with more value for money. It’s also great to have your kettlebell knowledge fed to you on a weekly basis so you are committed and can focus on chunks of something huge.

Some of our membership options:

  • Questions (the ability to ask questions and get an answer)
  • Coaching
  • Form assessment and feedback
  • Private
  • Public (cheaper)
  • With books

You can find our membership options here.


Micro Courses

If you want to decide what you learn and when you learn it, we recommend you pick several of our micro courses. Enrolling in our micro courses costs a little more than our memberships but it will allow you to mix and match what you want to learn without commitment. You can choose as many courses to enroll in as you like. You can find our micro courses here.


Professional Membership

If you are committed to learning everything about kettlebell training, don’t want to wait each week for a new topic to be released, and have direct access to the full library of courses then this is the option to choose. After purchasing this course you will receive access to all the content available including any new content that will be released. You can find our professional membership here.