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With over 18,000 students served worldwide since 2009, tens of thousands of books sold, and 20+ granular kettlebell courses, we are the premier online education provider for all styles of kettlebell training.

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What We Do

Since 2009 we’ve been delivering some of the best kettlebell content worldwide in both digital and in-person format.

Kettlebell Courses

We provide kettlebell courses for at-home users and trainers.

Kettlebell Programs

We design customized kettlebell programs for kettlebell training for different goals.

Kettlebell Books

We sell kettlebell books on Amazon, Apple, and from Cavemantraining.com.

Kettlebell Certifications

We provide in-depth online and in-person kettlebell certifications for at-home users and trainers worldwide.

Kettlebell Workouts

We create the world’s best kettlebell workouts and deliver those via our extensive library with over 200 full-length sessions.

Kettlebell Instructional Videos

We produce and stream kettlebell instructional videos covering every intricate topic of kettlebell training.

Why Work With Us?

Our parent company has been providing kettlebell education online since way before kettlebells became popular and we know how to transfer the right knowledge to keep you safe and training effectively.

Expert Coaches

We have coaches and trainers with years of hands-on kettlebell experience.


Experienced in working with kettlebell beginners and delivering knowledge in an easy-to-understand format.

Human Service

We pride ourselves on the human connection and are always available to chat and provide assistance with your kettlebell sales query.

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Over 2,000 real externally verified reviews have been left on our service.

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Our Customers Say

Since 2009 we’ve been delivering kettlebell workout books on Amazon in print format, from our parent website in digital format, courses, and certifications, and here’s what some of our customers said.

This is a fantastic course that is not only jam-packed with information but is hands-on to really help you truly learn the information. The instructions are clear and concise, as well as keeping it fun and interactive. Highly recommended!

Bradleigh Saltsman


Customer service communication is great, delivery of the videos is top quality professional, and easy to watch. The website has a great deal of content for kettlebell enthusiasts

Michelle Shenton


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