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Kettlebell Hip Hinge Swing
Master Kettlebell Racking Course
Introduction Course

Master Kettlebell Racking

Learn the next important thing when it comes to kettlebell training and experience a huge change in efficiency.
Master Kettlebell Grips Course
Introduction Course

Master Kettlebell Grips

This is where you start when you begin your journey into the kettlebell world.

What our students and customers have to say

Kettlebell Clean L3.0 Student
I just completed the Kettlebell Grips L2.0 course which I fully recommended to everyone who is on the journey to improve KB performance. Those are the basics that sometimes are a bit difficult to find easily when you are starting to learn about kettlebells but Cavemantraining and Taco Fleur gives you amazing and well-detailed instruction with pictures, linked videos, interesting articles, and safety tips about the different grips which will be required for your cleans.

Victor Villamizar

Kettlebell Clean L3.0 Student
Student and Inner Circle Member
Soooooo helpful. I’m a newbie to bells and this was great. I would have never known how important grips were to using kettlebells but this Ebook showed me the way and the level of importance. Taco explains this important but simple movement better than anyone! My wrists and arms are no longer bruised.

Laura Bykofsky

Student and Inner Circle Member
The online course was simply brilliant! It was concise, yet did not sacrifice on content and was choc-full of highly useful information. It gave important form tips/cues to be able to perform each exercise properly – and safely! I esp. like the underlying emphasis on safety in your courses w.r.t. each exercise/routine. In the videos, I really liked the concept of: a) demonstrating on/from BOTH sides, and b) showing side/profile views coupled with the front/back views. Your passion to communicate complex points/tips to your students, and connect with your audience (mostly novices/beginners), is evident, and much appreciated!

Shantanu Sapru

Easy to use and full of useful information and techniques I am a 70-year-old cancer survivor, and a recent convert to the world of kettlebells. The Cavemantraining methodology is pertinent and succinct, and I recommend it to others.

Peter Cockcroft

Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0
The Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is a course that I highly recommend to anyone at any level of training. No matter what level you are at, you will get something out of this course. The manual is full of information that is easy to follow and within the course itself there are plenty of video clips as well as audio to suit the needs of all learners. The support and feedback from your assessor as you progress through the course is unique because it is specific to you and how you can improve your skills as you learn.

Nikki Banks

Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0
Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer 3.0
My name is Grant, I’m a full-time CrossFit L1 trainer and part-time Strength and conditioning coach in Rochester, N.Y. I spent the last week and a half engulfed in Cavemantrainings online Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 course. After successful completion of the course, I can confidently say it has made me a better coach and athlete. Cavemantraining avoided the tedious and mundane tasks that most online courses seem to follow. I felt engaged and looking forward to whatever lessons were in my line of sight.

Grant Mazur

Kettlebell Fundamentals Trainer 3.0
Kettlebell Clean L3.1 Trainer
This course was of great value to me, beside learning more about all the cleans I also learned more about my weaknesses and what I have to do to make them better. I recomment this course to anyone who is serious about kettlebell training. Taco Fleur is really a straight to the point trainer, who loves to share his passion for kettlebells.

David Zeelmaekers

Kettlebell Clean L3.1 Trainer
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