Live Kettlebell Coaching

We provide kettlebell live kettlebell coaching via Zoom, Messenger, Facetime, or Skype.

The live time with a professional kettlebell coach can be used for:

  1. Assessments of kettlebell exercises
  2. Kettlebell certifications
  3. Kettlebell workouts
  4. Kettlebell courses
  5. Kettlebell questions

1) Assessments of kettlebell exercises via Zoom, Messenger, or Skype can cover any kettlebell exercise that you want. The live Facetime can be used to ask questions about a kettlebell exercise, to discuss issues, to have your form and technique assessed, or just to make sure you’re doing things right.

2) If you’ve bought one of our online kettlebell certifications and would like to speed up the process of assessments or increase your learning and have your questions answered via a live session then you can book an online consultation with one of our coaches.

3) Your Facetime with one of our professional and qualified kettlebell coaches can be to discuss and create a workout routine for yourself with the equipment/kettlebells that you have available. We’ll ask questions about your goals, time available, knowledge, and more to put together a kettlebell workout especially for you.

4) If you’ve bought one of our online kettlebell courses and would like to discuss parts of it via a live session on Skype, Zoom, or Messenger then you can book a session today.

5) If you have questions in regards to anything kettlebell training, you can schedule a call with one of our kettlebell coaches and have all your questions answered.

Time blocks are purchased as:

  1. 15 minutes $30
  2. 30 minutes $40
  3. 45 minutes $50
  4. 60 minutes $60
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