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Kettlebell Strength Program
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Free Kettlebell Strength Program

This is NEO the free kettlebell strength program by IKU™. The program is available as a free video which has:

  • Program information
  • Beginner information
  • Warm-up details
  • Workout details
  • Follow-along warm-up timer and exercise callouts
  • Follow-along workout timer and exercise callouts

You press play and follow along with the timer and exercise callouts.

There are 5 days in this split which targets the full-body and a different body part each day. The benefits of the program are primarily strength, followed by flexibility, cardio, and power.

Our public 53,000-member large kettlebell community is used for the free version.

The kettlebell workout details for each of the 5 days are available from our Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia:

  1. Kratos — Chest and Power
  2. Atlas — Biceps, Hips, and Feet
  3. Heracles — Back and Shoulder Stability
  4. Chaos — Legs, Core, and Shoulder Stability
  5. Zeus — Upper Back, Shoulders, and Grip

The full program provides all the details in one handy book and also detailed videos.

Buy NEO The Full Kettlebell Strength Program

The full NEO program comes with books, videos, private group access, coaching and so much more. The full program has important information for beginners on how to adjust the program and progress safely. How to turn the 5 days into a 4 or 3-day workout each week, and many other questions are answered like:

  • What kettlebell weight to start with
  • What exercise alternatives to use
  • What common mistakes to avoid

The full program is for people who want structure in their training and see clear results. The program is for people who want simplicity from the most effective kettlebell exercises.

Besides that the full program comes with a huge value of content it is also without ads, the YouTube video is great for people who know what they’re doing but YouTube runs their ads across the videos.

It comes with videos that you can turn and work along with for the warm-up, workout, cooldown, and the very important prep work. The kettlebell instructional videos are structured as:

  1. Introduction
  2. Warm-up technique
  3. Workout technique
  4. Common mistakes
  5. Alternatives and progressions
  6. Follow-along warm-up
  7. Follow-along prep work
  8. Follow-along workout
  9. Follow-along cooldown

These are available for each day, Kratos, Atlas, Heracles, Chaos, and Zeus.

The kettlebell books that are included are:

  1. NEO Kettlebell Strength Program
  2. Kettlebell Training Fundamentals
  3. Master The Kettlebell Curl

NEO covers all the details for the 8 or 12-week kettlebell program.

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals covers all the details that anyone starting out with kettlebells needs to know.

Master The Kettlebell Curl covers curling with the kettlebell and opens up 20+ kettlebell curl variations to vary the kettlebell curl on day Atlas.

The information included in this program is complete and allows anyone to get started with the program, even if they only have one kettlebell to start with.

Private group access with coaching, motivation, accountability, learning, and so much more is also included with the paid program.

The total value of the package deal for this program is $49.95 + $39.95 + $24.95 + $24.95 + $80 = $219.80
You pay just $49.95 just once.

The program is available for purchase from our shop here.

Who is this Kettlebell Strength Program for?

A) Technique

This kettlebell strength program is for anyone who wants to work on their technique and make sure they’re doing things right to avoid injury.

Good kettlebell technique

B) Structure And Progress

These kettlebell workouts are for people who want a structured program to work with and see clear progress.

Structured kettlebell program

C) Avoid Injury

This kettlebell split program is for anyone who normally gets pain when doing a program and/or kettlebell exercises/workouts.

Avoid kettlebell training pain

D) Serious Training

This kettlebell routine is for people who previously cared more about reps, load, and didn’t care how they achieved that but are now ready to put in the real work.

Good kettlebell form and technique choice.

E) Avoid Overtraining

This kettlebell strength routine is for people who want to learn how to avoid doing too much in one week or too soon and end up injured or overtraining.

F) Cycle

This kettlebell strength program is for people who are ready to cycle through a program for continued increased strength, cardio, power, and flexibility.

G) Beginner And Intermediate

This kettlebell strength program is for people who are just starting out with exercise and/or kettlebell training, but it’s also for those who have been training for a long time but have not seen results due to a lack of structure.

The program is available for purchase from our shop here or get it included with our memberships.

Become A Member

If you become a Gold Member then you will have access to all our kettlebell workouts (over 250) and all our kettlebell programs/routines, including Prometheus Phase II, and The Pace Maker.

Membership includes full access to the Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia website, full-length video access, personalized coaching, and so much more.

You can become a Gold Member here or an Inner Circle member here if you only want Facebook access.

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