Kettlebell Certifications

Kettlebell certifications are for anyone who wants to know that they’re doing things correctly and safely. A kettlebell certification is not just for people that want to become a kettlebell trainer although anyone that takes one of our kettlebell certifications can easily decide to become a trainer in the future.

IKU™ has kettlebell certifications for the basics of kettlebell training, highly specialized kettlebell swing certifications, kettlebell snatch certifications, certifications to work with kettlebells on mobility, and many more.

A certification is more expensive than a course as with a certification you will need to complete physical assessments, essays, exams, and you’ll be working closely with a professional IKU™ kettlebell coach who will assess your submissions. Some of our certifications also require you to complete a test. For example, Master The Kettlebell Snatch has the world’s toughest snatch test that needs to be passed at Level 6.

A great course to start with for anyone is our CAVEMANROM™ Mobility course which has everything you need to work on mobility with kettlebells.

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